Landing News

New VOYAGE Reception

August 11th, 2020

On your next visit to Soper’s Hole, look for the VOYAGE flags and call in at our modern, airconditioned reception.

VOYAGE Landing is home to VOYAGE Charters and its fleet of luxury sailing catamarans. This family operated BVI business and charter base has been in the Soper’s Hole bay since 1996, offering first class service and an excellent experience aboard All Inclusive, Captained and Bareboat catamarans.

Whether arriving by sea or land, you can count on a warm island welcome at Soper’s Hole, your gateway to the Virgin Islands!

The brightly painted buildings and waterfront of Soper’s Hole is truly one of the British Virgin Islands iconic locations. For the many travelers who arrive by ferry from the US Virgin Islands, it is one of the first sights they see upon docking at the West End ferry terminal but, just about everyone visiting the BVI will have a trip to Soper’s Hole planned for their itinerary.

Sitting at a dockside table, sipping a favorite drink whilst watching the coming and going in the busy harbor, never seems to lose its charm. Few could imagine a view of the harbor without the colorful buildings, shops and docks clustered around Pusser’s Landing restaurant, but all this was wiped away in a matter of hours by Hurricane Irma. Thankfully, the resilience of the local community and business owners prevailed and, today, Soper’s Hole waterfront has been beautifully restored and is welcoming visitors once again.

History of Soper's Hole

August 11th, 2020

Whilst the pirates are long gone, sea faring is still at the heart of this settlement and continues to draw visitors from around the world.

The island of Tortola has a rich history of human habitation dating back centuries and the West End of this beautiful island has supported communities for much of that time. Arawak and Carib Indians who migrated north from the Orinoco Basin were believed to be among the first inhabitants but most of the documented history comes with the arrival of European adventurers from the 15th century onwards. The island names attest to this, being a mix of Spanish, English and Dutch. The dark days of slavery brought people from the African continent and it is their history and struggle which shapes the community we see today.

Pusser's is Now Open!

August 11th, 2020

This is a perfect spot to enjoy the view while watching the yachts coming and going in and around the crystal, clear waters of Soper's Hole Bay.

Pusser's dock side bar and restaurant has been a landmark in Soper’s Hole for many years. This famous brand name is synonymous with the British Virgin Islands and well known around the world for their wood distilled rum. The founder of the company, Charles Tobias, took inspiration from the old days of the British Navy with their slogan “splice the main brace!”, a traditional order to issue a tot of rum to ship’s crew.

Take a VOYAGE!

August 11th, 2020

Take a VOYAGE of a lifetime and see the very best that the British Virgin Islands offer.

A week-long private cruise is the ultimate way to experience all the charm and beauty of the BVI’s island chain. Secluded coves, lively harbors and palm fringed coral beaches are just a short sail away. Our charter base is easy to access so you can arrive relaxed and ready to board your private charter yacht, prepared exclusively for you and your guests. Our Sleep Aboard option is perfect for guests arriving late afternoon who want to spend the first night at VOYAGE Landing. Alternatively, board your yacht at noon and set sail after your orientation briefing.

VOYAGE charters recommend Ocean Dream’s private water taxis service. This family operated business offers exceptional service providing travelers with a relaxed and easy trip to and from the USVI.

VOYAGE Landing, home of VOYAGE charters in Soper's Hole is by far the most accessible arrival location on Tortola for those traveling from St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. The port is a main point of entry to the British Virgin Islands and the West End Customs and Immigration dock is within sight of our premises. Scheduled ferry service between the islands is cost effective, but why not start your vacation when you step off the plane?